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Grandiflora Magnolia Collette Dinnigan Garden Flowers

Power of a single flower

The Grandiflora Magnolia is one of the finest trees. It stands tall and majestic outside our front door shading us in the heat of the summer and sending out a firework display of enormous fragrant flowers for months.

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Collette Dinnigan Gardening Figs

Going Green

There is an abundance of figs this summer and I like to serve them quite simply quartered. The best way to showcase them is on a large platter, I really like the depth of the green one here, it adds an earthiness to the ripe darkness of the fruit.

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Collette's Kitchen Broad Bean


I picked these broad beans last night in my vegetable garden. I was going to add them to a salad but ended up blanching them and creating a new bruschetta.

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